[Trans] Kyung's secret to his height (+insoles)!

Kyung talked about height and the secret for it on Starry Night!

  • Kyung: The thing with insoles is.... Okay, I'll reveal my utmost secret, something that you won't be able to hear anywhere else so listen well.
  • Jaehyo: Make sure you're recording this.
  • Kyung: Wearing insoles hurt your feet and give you back pain, but you still want to wear more since it makes you taller. The best way to overcome that barrier is to train yourself. What I do is wear two pairs of insoles, and lay a thinner one on top of that. I wear it around for a day, and obviously it hurts. The next day, what you do is take off the thin layer, and suddenly the two insoles seem a lot more comfortable!
  • Zico: That's kind of like athletes training themselves with sandbags.
  • Kyung: Yes, I'm currently experimenting with this. I'll be writing a book on it soon.
  • Younha: On working with your short height?
  • Kyung: Yes, of course. I was listening to Starry Night one night and heard that a Boyfriend member had a complex about his height. I would like to consult him.

Source: bontheblockb