[TRANS] “KOOL” Japan Magazine Vol. 04 Interview with B1A4 (Part 1)

Q: It has been 5 months since your debut. Of all the members, who has changed the most?
JY) Musically speaking, all five of us! We feel strongly about our career in music, have had many learning experiences, and everyone has grown a lot. In terms of physical appearance, because we received many phootshoot opportunities, everyone grew more handsome. Even though we all think that (laughs), this especially applies to Sandeul …
SD) Also also ~ In terms of just walking out somewhere, I feel like it’d be CNU hyung.
BR) I used to not know about CNU hyung’s charm. CNU hyung has been really popular this past year with the ladies. I couldn’t understand that kind of mature man feel. I was thinking “what should I do?” He turned out so handsome …
CN) Ya! (laughs)
BR) But now, it has been a lot better. Very gentleman-like, to the point of envy.
Q: What is the significance/main message of your second mini-album “it B1A4”?
JY) This album contains a lot of our own thoughts, and it shows a more mature side compared to the first mini-album. If we are able to give people the impression of how “B1A4” does music ~ this is what we want people to think.
Q: And your own productions?
JY) I am responsible for composing, writing the lyrics, and producing “Wonderful Tonight.” From the song title, would you would think that this is a happy song? Even though the lyrics are quite straightforward but there are hints of sadness and pain. The lyrics is to represent the feeling of “Today is a very beautiful night - it’d be great if the girlfriend who we had just broken up with can return to our side.”
CN) Baro and I participated in the lyrical portion of our title song “Beautiful Target.” We thought back to the times we had a crush on someone, and thought, “How should we express our feelings?” This idea of our heart suddenly feeling like a rocket came to mind. So we described it as “zoom,” like a rocking flying here and there, and this is how we came up with the colorful song.
BR) Like how easy it is to sing “you zoom zoom my heart have a rocket,” we hope the audience can happily listen to this along with the sounds of the rocket and other sound effects.
Q: The music video of “Beautiful Target” is quite special. What is the story about?
BR) When Jinyoung hyung doing experiments in the lab, a girl suddenly appears, and he was captured at the first look. Because the rest of us are jealous, we can only look at them from afar when they were on a date. The moment Jinyoung hyung reaches for her hand, a fire starts because his heart/feelings are on fire. This is the story.
Q: Please let us know, at this point out of all your released songs, what your favorite song is.
CN) This album’s “Chu Chu Chu” fits me most. I really like R&B-style so whenever I listen to it, I feel really relaxed.
BR) I actually like the title song “Beautiful Target” the most. It can give lots of energy, like something that can lift the spirits of a person facing obstacles.
JY) I really like “My Love.” European pop style plus Baro’s rap can leave a deep impression with people. Sandeul’s soft voice is also really nice to the ears.
SD) My favorite is “Only One” from our first mini-album. It’s because of the line “Only you can get it done.” Even though I sing the line myself, everytime I listen to it again, I would feel empowered again and filled with hope.
GC) I’m the Gongchan that has yet to speak!
SD) We waited a long time!
GC) Yeah, is everyone tired from waiting (laughs)? My favorite song is Jinyoung hyung’s composition, “Wonderful Tonight.” I get really energized when I listen to it, and I would automatically start to get up and dance. Sandeul hyung’s handsome ad-libs and Baro & CNU hyungs’ rap left a deep impression with me, so that’s why I really like this song.
Q: What’s something interesting that happened in the dorms recently?
SD) The day that Baro dyed his hair blonde we set up a hidden camera!
GC) We put out hidden cameras everytime we have a birthday (laughs)
BR) That day, at the salon, everyone just coldly said, “it suits you ~” I didn’t think I looked strange. But once we came back to dorms, everyone said, “Something is up ~”, “dyeing your hair back to black?”* Sandeul was especially persistant. (T/N: As in, “UH OH, looks like someone has to dye their hair back to black.)
BR) Just before I was about to explode (T/N: as in expressing his frustration/anger), I found out about the hidden camera (laughs)
Q: What is the your wish now for B1A4?
JY) Our dream is to produce B1A4-styled music so that when people hear it, they think, “Ah! This is B1A4’s song!”.
CN) At the same time of branding our style, we hope to produce songs that many people will like and enjoy.
Q: Lastly, please leave a message for the Japanese fans.
JY) Since our last visit to Japan, Japan has left us such a big impression that we wanted to return. When we heard that we have lots of fans that support us in Japan, we really wanted to greet and interact with everyone during our Japanese activities!

Original Chinese Translations Cr.: YEONI @ MIN4
Chinese-English Translations Cr: lilstarriegrl @ AVIATEB1A4