[Trans] JuYeon and Nana Reveal Style and Skin Care Tips to ModelPress

After JuYeon and Nana participated in the ‘Girls Award 2011 Autumn/Winter show at the Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium, they appeared backstage and conducted a short interview with ModelPress.

- Impressions/thoughts about the stage? (Fashion Show)

Nana: I cheered up the moment I took the stage. I was very impressed with the appearance of fans with boards (fan signs).

JuYeon: In Japan, until now I often had to work…there was a lot of surprise [Participating/doing something new]. It was a lot of fun with the makeup and to experience Japanese costumes (fashion)

- Secret to keeping a beautiful style? (style = body)

Nana: I have dance lessons everyday so my natural body is strengthened. I also have diet restrictions so I’m careful about what I eat in the evening as much as possible.

Juyeon: I think it’s linked to diet and dance lessons. After that health care and drinking water.

- Please tell us the secret of beautiful skin

Nana: Be committed to cleansing properly and taking enough time to sleep

JuYeon: Drinking water. After that if you have enough time, visit a dermatologist.

- A message to readers who dreams to be Models

Nana: Please dream big. If we continue running and striving toward a dream I think it will always come true. Don’t get frustrated! (Don’t get distressed – Don’t give up!)

JuYeon: …I think if you live happily with positive thoughts your wishes will come true.

- Thank you

Nana and JuYeon appeared on stage wearing the two popular brands ”GUILD PRIME”, and “ISBIT DAIKANYAMA”. They both received wild applause from the audience while walking the runway.

Credit: modelpress Trans: AfterSchoolDaze