[Trans] INFINITE Q&A session feat L


Korean name: 김명수

Chinese name: 金明洙 (T/N: Thank you Sam~)

Birth date: 1992.3.13

Height/Blood type: 180 cm, O

(Please answer all the questions genuinely or you’ll die, die ^^)


Other Information:

Shirt size / Shoe size: M~L. 265~270

Favorite color: Black

Ideal type (detailed): Long and wavy hair, innocent


Q1: If your CEO told you to get plastic surgery.. Is there a place that you wish to get plastic surgery on?

A: What about you, 렝아벗어-nim? (T/N: 렝아벗어 is their ID)

Q2: When you reply to Inspirits’ UFOs, your reply is always the shortest. Does oppa only have ㅇ and ㅋ on his keyboard? What’s the reason why you give a short reply?

A: ㅎㅎㅎ…

Q3. If oppa were to meet his ideal type during a fansigning, what would he do?

A: ^^

Q4. Among the things you’ve obsessed over (such as food or objects), what was the longest time you obsessed over something?

A: The color of black for 20 years…

Q5: How do you feel when people say you look better in person? Do you agree? Be truthful!

A: Sungyeol is better looking.

Q6: While doing ‘Paradise’ promotions, you were wearing clothes that showed your back. What did you think about those clothes?

A: It’s provocative.

Q7: Which song did you like your parts the most from every song you’ve sang during promotions?

A: ‘Real Story’

Q8: When does the girl that oppa likes, look the prettiest???

A: When smiling.

Q9: If I were to become leader, I would do everything to change this member’s habit! Is there something like that?

A: Dongwoo hyung and Sungyeollie’s sleeping habits.

Q10: Something you want to do with the person you love! I’m also curious about the nickname you would want to call them by!

A: Amusement park, yeobo-yah (T/N: darling) ^^

Q11: If 10 million won were to fall from the sky, what would you do?

A: I don’t think that will happen…

Q12: If there was a time after your debut when you cried a lot, when is it?

A: When Jiu’s final recording ended.

Q13: There’s a girl you really like, but she doesn’t have long, straight hair. What would you do?

A: I would make her get wavy hair.

Q14: You’ve become a singer, stood on a fashion show, and acted. If there’s something else that you would like to try out, what would it be?

A: A hair designer. (I have skills.)

Q15: After moving into your new dorm, is there a fun episode that happened with Sungyeol oppa?

A: Yesterday, Sungyeol fell asleep while laying down and eating kimbap ㅋㅋ

Q16: You’re uneasy that Inspirits will cheat on you while you guys are gone, right?

A: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yes…

Q17: When I go to a fansigning, you always take a census! Why do you do that?

A: Why are you asking that? It’s private.

Q18: You listened to the radio (T/N: referring to L’s cafe posts about KTR). Did you do that because you had free time? Or was it for Inspirits?

A: Everyone, I don’t have free time…

Q19: When going to Japan, what are the 5 items you must take?

A: Passport, cellphone, wallet, packaged ramyun, and a curling iron.

Q20: Your dorm has set on fire! If you were only allowed to take 3 things, whether it being a person or object, what and who would you take?

A: Checkered shirts. Fedora. Cardigan.


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s fancafe | take out with full credits