[Trans] BLOCK B On Starry Night Radio!

Block B was on Starry Night and they talked about their members.

P.O. is the new underwear thief

  • Zico: I've been spending my nights at the company lately so I'm rarely home to sleep in the dorm. I heard that my bed has turned into an exclusive closet for Kyung.
  • Younha: What's up with that, Kyung?
  • Kyung: I was actually talking about this with Zico earlier. I asked him if I could use his bed as a closet since he's never home anyway. I noticed that his bed was just too clean - all it had was a Hello Kitty sleeping on it. I'm the type that can't stand clean things so I decided to messy it up a bit.
  • Younha: How messy is it now?
  • Kyung: A bit.. but every week, our maid ajumma comes in and cleans it up, so it's really hard for me to keep messying his bed.
  • (laughter)
  • Kyung: I actually have something else to add. On another show, I mentioned that I didn't have any underwear so I was wearing Minhyuk hyung's. I received a lot of underwear gifts after that, and soon noticed P.O beginning to wear my underwear. I told him, "Hey, those are mine!" He retorted, "Hyung, these are mine, anyone could tell that these belong to me." Jihoon, those are mine.
  • Zico: I actually found my favorite underwear in his shopping bag the other day too...
  • Younha: Why are you guys so obsessed with underwear?
  • Kyung: It's the detail! The little glimpse of it when you lift up your arms and it peaks through your shirt.

Greasy Kyung strikes again

  • Younha: Zico, did you not like the Pepero choco sticks that I got you? You haven't finished yours.
  • Zico: It was okay up until I ate about half, then it just became too much.
  • Younha: Jaehyo said it's delicious! Look, he's almost done with his!
  • Zico: Don't you see him forcefully chewing it down?
  • Younha: Even Kyung has finished his.
  • Kyung: *greasy voice* It wasn't your Pepero I ate... What I ate was a gift from your heart.
  • Younha: Not bad! Kyungie's the best.
  • Jaehyo, Zico: ...

B-Bomb has been trying to act cool at home lately

  • Zico: I noticed after I came back from Ireland that Minhyuk hyung has been trying to act cool.
  • Kyung: *sighs* Seriously, it's gotten really bad. Even when he's sitting, he'll cross his legs with his hands in his pockets and gaze at a 45 degree angle.
  • Younha: So cool...
  • Kyung: Eh? What?
  • Younha: Sounds so cool...
  • Kyung: And even when he's sleeping, he keeps his cap on.
  • Zico: Yeah, he dresses up even when we're home.
  • Jaehyo: After he gets out of the shower, he'll come out topless and throw his shirt into the laundry bin as if he was playing basketball.
  • Zico: If he makes the goal, he'll be like, "Nice!"
  • Kyung: And in the morning, he'll come out to the table asking, "Where's breakfast (TN: breakfast in English)?" He'll even ask us to make brunch for him in Western style with scrambled eggs and such.

Kyung to have Zico's pineapple hair concept for next comeback?

  • Younha: How was your week, Kyung?
  • Kyung: I've had a very good week.
  • Younha: Your hair looks like it's gotten darker. Did you dye it black?
  • Kyung: Yes. I'm still young, so... But this won't last long. I'm going to undergo a drastic change soon. I feel that it's time for change, so please look forward to it.
  • Zico: Remember my debut pineapple hair? I heard that he was going to do that next. Our concepts are passed down in baton format. Kyung will do the pineapple next, and after him will be Jaehyo.
  • Kyung: When Zico did it, only his hair was a pineapple concept. But if I were to do it... even my face would be a pineapple concept.

Zico talks about his experience at the EMAs

  • Younha: So how have you guys spent your week?
  • Kyung: I was really lonely because Zico was gone for a week.
  • Zico: I recently visited the EMA Awards in Ireland.
  • Younha: Wow, very cool!
  • Zico: It was really fun.
  • Kyung: He met Bruno Mars senior.
  • Zico: Yes, I met Bruno Mars, Jessie J, LMFAO, Katy Perry, and others. Not only did I experience a foreign culture, but I also gave them some of my craziness too.
  • Younha: You must've shown off all of your crazy talents.
  • Zico: Yes, everyone looked at me weird because I was clearly Asian but I was shouting and jumping around in English.
  • Younha: What kind of English?
  • Zico: They'll play music videos during downtime - artists like Kanye West and Jay-Z - so I'd follow along and sing out loud. Everyone stared. Still, I didn't let them get to me and just felt the music.
  • Younha: You know, I thought you were only weird to Koreans, but I guess you're weird overseas as well.
  • Zico: Right.