[Trans] Block B and dieting!

Block B's diet? Read it below.

  • Younha: How is Block B with dieting?
  • Zico: U-Kwon and P.O. diet a lot. Their weight fluctuates really severely so they're always gaining and losing weight. P.O. is better at controlling it, whereas U-Kwon stabilizes once he gets determined to.
  • Jaehyo: I focus more on body building as opposed to losing weight. I have abs! Bam!
  • Kyung: Yeah, Jaehyo hyung and I don't really diet. We can eat as much as we want.
  • Zico: I gain weight in my face. Overall, I'm pretty skinny, but since all of the weight goes to my face, I don't look like it.
  • Younha: Why, your baby face is cute.
  • Zico: (baby voice) Baby face? Baby!
  • Jaehyo: (monotone) You're cute, Woo Jiho -_-.
  • Younha: You're so mean to him (laughter).

Source: bontheblockB