[TRANS] B1A4's TV Pool Magazine Thailand Interview!

Even it is flooding, it sounds so amazing for ‘B1A4’ that there are still many fans who wait to see them. They knew about the situation here well but fans gave them a warm welcome which made the boys very impressed.
Last October 15, 2011 at Impact Hall 1, I got a chance to see B1A4 practicing before for the fan meeting so I went to them to ask some exclusive questions just for our dearest readers.

Q : Are you excited about this event?
Baro : Very excited. I want to be on stage and meet Thai fans as soon as possible. We’re excited since we were in South Korea. We really wanted to go back to Thailand again. I’m very glad that fans still wait for B1A4.

Q : How much did you prepare for this event?
Sandeul : Almost 100%. It’s our first fan meeting here. I hope this event would make us closer.

Q : Will there be a surprise?
Sandeul : This event is the time that B1A4 and fans could join. I want everybody to enjoy. About a surprise, If I tell you now, It won’t be a surprise anymore. Let’s see together.

Q : Please say something to the fans who are coming to this event.
Baro : Please give us a cheering voice. Everytime we hear your cheering sound, we’ll get more power to do our stage. It’d be a great regret if you missed this.

Q : If you could really produce a girl from chemicals like in ‘Beautiful Target’ M/V, what kind of girl would you want?
CNU : The girl who is like my mother who takes care of me. I like clever and creative girls (smile)
Sandeul : The girl who loves what she does because if people love what they are doing, aura seems to be on them.
Baro : The girl who is funny. Talking to her makes me comfortable.
Jinyoung : For me, there’s nothing but the girl who loves only me.
Gongchan : The girl who’s chilly when she is with others but cute when she’s with me.

Q : Will there be a ‘Sprout Dance’ in the next next song?
Baro : Sprout Dance has a meaning. We just debuted for 6 months and we’re still rookies. That’s like a sprout to grow to be a beautiful flower. Before growing, We have to give them a water, right? We want love instead of waters so we can grow up being an excellent boy band. So please focus on us. Maybe, there’ll be a cute dance like a Sprout Dance again.

Q : Baro is the entertainer of the group? Why?
Jinyoung : Baro’s blood type is B. In Korea, we believe that people whose blood type is B is active, always do something that no one does. He’s like a our vitamin. I’m glad to have a friend like him.

Q : Baro ran very fast in 2011 Idol Star Athletics Championship. Do you want to be a national athlete?
Baro : I love playing football since I was young. That makes me run faster. To be a national athlete is too hard for me, I prefer being an artist.
Sandeul : He even promised us that he’ll be 1st next year.

Q : Jinyoung is a grandfather for you!?
Sandeul : We didn’t name him as ‘Grandfather’. He went on one reality program and he wore big hat, white shirt and trousers. Old man always wear clothes like this so fans named him ‘Grandpapa’ (laugh)

Q : Lastly, say something for flood victims.
Jinyoung : We’re worried about the situation here. I’ve heard many news about it. We went to the market on October 13th’s night, There is a donation there. We donated there too. We’re happy that we could help them this way. We know this is a very serious problem and we want it to get better by soon. Fighting.

That’s all things we asked them before they went on stage for their fan meeting. They sang, played, danced and showed their best. I’ll end up right here, Good bye.
Scans Source: Baro B1A4 Thailand
Translation Credits: Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.com