[Trans] B1A4 Interview @ Lotte World Special Broadcast!

B1A4 performed at the Lotte World Special Broadcast on the 26th and they were interviewed by the MC.

Read the translations below.

MC: So I heard B1A4's name comes from your blood types! Can you explain?
Jinyoung: It's very easy. Baro's blood type is B and the rest of ours is A, so add it all up you get B1A4.
MC: Ah~ So that's why it's B1A4! Since there's 4 members with the blood type A I feel like it would take you guys a while to decide on things like stage outfits or menus.
CNU: We do, especially when we have to pick a menu for food.. it does take some time.
MC: So is CNU the decision maker?
CNU: No, it's not like that. We give a lot of suggestions.. it just takes a while.
Sandeul: Because food is very important we have no choice but to be sensitive.
MC: I see. B1A4's popularity has risen very fast! It looks like you have a lot of fans too. B1A4 fans make some noise!!
Sandeul: Thank you!
MC: That's incredible! So what if members of B1A4 get girlfriends..
MC: Let's say you guys get girlfriends. What kind of date do you want to go on? Or what kind of present would you like to give?
Jinyoung: Well I would like to present her with great memories we'll make from going to many different places on a very hot sunny day.
MC: Ahhh... Jinyoung's facial expressions seems very satisfied. How about someone else?
Baro: I would like to present her a very hot kiss.
MC: Ahhhhhhhh~ I see! Well, we hope to see more of B1A4 in the future. And watch out for the cold.
Sandeul: You too!
MC: You're going to perform for another song for us right?
CNU: Yes. It's our follow up song titled "My Love"
MC: And before we hear "My Love" is there anything someone would like to say right now?
Jinyoung: Everyone, we're promoting with our follow up song right now. We'll continue to work hard so please continue to support and love us.
Baro: Watch out for the cold!
Sandeul: BANA we love you!

If you haven't watch the interview, you can watch it below.

Translation Credit: mr. jiyoung @ aviateb1a4