[Photos/Twitter] Qri and Hyomin enjoyed the lunch prepared by fans!

On November 20th, T-ara's Hwayoung shared new pictures showing her presents and followed by Qri and leader Hyomin.

"My plateㅎㅎㅎ For a few days now I've been eating until there'd be nothing left thanks to these thoughtful lunchboxes, who cares about diets I'll eat well today too~~~~~" Hyomin wrote on her Twitter.

and T-ara's Qri also shared a new picture with a caption "Filled up my stomach with the lunchboxes that were sent today as well. Thank you T-ara Gallery♥"

Fans prepared lunchboxes for T-ara to celebrate their comeback! These fans are really sweet!

Source: Qri and Hyomin's Twitter
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