[Photo] Minzy asks to vote for 2NE1

Ealier this month, 2NE1 has been nominated for MTV IGGY’s "BEST NEW BAND IN THE WORLD". MTV Iggy focuses on looking for the newest and hottest music from around the world. Last week, it has been revealed that 2NE1 made it to the top 5 finalists.

On November 1st, Minzy uploaded a selca via Twitter with caption, "TV Iggy !! Woo Woo !! Black Jack♥ Vote For 2NE1 :)". In the photo, Minzy is seen holding a red "MTV Iggy" fan and asks all blackjacks to vote for 2NE1 on MTV Iggy's "Best New Band In The World" awards.

Source: Minzy's Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net