[Photo] Jooyeon is off for her first trip

After School has been always very busy. When they are not in Korea, they are promoting new songs or shooting advertisements overseas. The group are now finally having their Halloween vacation and for the first time, member Jooyeon will have a short trip.

On October 31st, Jooyeon uploaded a photo on her Twitter with caption, "I’m going my first jaunt since I debuted! I will return after joyful trip with dismising everything for a moment!! Ya-ho!! ^ㅇ^".

In the photo, Jooyeon is looking casual in her black dress with brown vest. She is also ready for the trip with her sunglasses and bag. It's a good thing that the girls can have their vacation for a while.

Meanwhile, after the successful Japanese debut with "Bang!", After School is now kicking off their follow-up single "Diva".

Source: Afterschooldaze
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net