[Photo] IU reveals 2nd teaser photo for "Last Fantasy"

With her comeback just around the corner, IU boosts up more anticipations as she releases her second teaser photo for her upcoming second full-length studio album "Last Fantasy".

Having the same feel as the first teaser, the photo shows IU innocently lying in the bed. She is wearing a eye-catching blue knitted cape and a white fishnet stockings. The concept shows same refreshing atmosphere, yet more sophisticated image compared from her previous concepts.

"Last Fantasy" will be released on November 29th and will come on 2 versions; a regular CD-only version and a special edition. The special edition, which will be 15,000 copies only, will include the CD and a storybook that contains special pictorials and interviews.

Loen Entertainment explained, "The album has been worked on for a long time, and the exclusive content included in the special limited edition will enable fans to better understand the album production process. It’s a special gift from IU to those fans who have waited a long time."

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net