[Photo] HyunA and Jihyun snap selca on the middle of the street

4minute's member HyunA and Jihyun shared a set of selca taken from the middle of the street.

On November 16th, HyunA uploaded the photo through her Twitter and wrote, "Two lumps of the moon, looking for coffee all over". ("Lump of the moon" usually refers to a big or a very round face that one might think of when you think of a full moon)

In the photos, the girls can be seen making their cute poses on the streets along with the crowd. They look completely immersed in the selca as HyunA energeticly making adorable expressions while JiHyun goofed off in the back with her innocent smiles.

Source: HyunA's Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net