[Photo] Girl's Day Minah & Jihae - The "BangHae" couple

Girl's Day Minah shared a set of photo with her fellow member Jihae.

On November 12th, Minah uploaded the photos via Twitter and wrote, "BangHae couple kkkkk I named it. How do you like it, unnie??>_<".

 Jihae then replied, "Honey Bang, those photos are pretty. hehe. Btw, don’t you think our faces look too bare? lol"

 In the photos, Minah and Jihae are seen having fun together. They both wearing less make up while making adorable couple expressions.

 Netizens commented, "You guys are lovely", "Minah so cute!" and "Have a nice day!"

Source: Minah's Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net