[Photo] Bada celebrates 14th year anniversary

Singer Bada, who first debuted as a member of girl group S.E.S, thanked her fans as she celebrated their 14th year anniversary.

On November 29th, she uploaded a photo through Twitter and wrote, "Celebrating the 14th anniversary of our debut, S.E.S. I am posting late because my schedule ended late. Thank you and love you. Eugene, Shoo, love you. Don’t worry about me and spend a great newlywed time. S.E.S forever!"

In the photo, Bada is holding a delicious cake sent by her fans. There are 2 baby angels sitting on the cake and Bada’s standing at the center. She flaunted her refreshing beauty with a bright smile.

S.E.S are the original pop girl group that signed with SM Entertainment and debuted with the title song "I’m Your Girl". Bada was the leader with 2 other members Eugene and Shoo, and enjoyed phenomenal popularity back then.

Source: Nate
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net