[NEWS/INFO] Cube Entertainment to release international compilation album

On November 11th, 4minute and BEAST, as well as solo singer G.NA 's agency, Cube Entertainment will release a compilation of songs from their artists under the name "United Cube" in Australia. Cube Entertainment teamed up with Universal Music Australia for the release of the album. A representative of Cube Entertainment commented, "We will first release the K-pop album in Australia and plan to release it in other countries for the fans who couldn't purchase them on iTunes, as some songs were not available."

It's the first compilation of K-pop artists of a same company to be released. It will contain 17 tracks, all of which are hit singles from 4minute, BEAST and G.NA combined in one record. The tracklist is comprised of 4minute's "Hot Issue","Muzik","Mirror
Mirror", BEAST's "Shock","Breathe", G.Na's "Black & White" and "Top Girl". Cube also revealed that 4minute's Hyunah's solo track "Bubble Pop" and United Cube's "Fly High" will also be part of the album.

Cube Entertainment plans are to release the K-pop compilation album of its artists in Europe and South America as well as in
Australia. Universal Music Australia explained, "There is a strong demand for K-POP in Australia and it is constantly increasing. We are excited about our partnership with Cube Entertainment as their artists make attractive and refreshing music."

4minute and BEAST will promote the album in Sydney. Meanwhile, Cube artists are scheduled to perform together
in London on December 5th for United Cube's concert and in Brazil on December 13th.

Source: Nate
Translating & Editing: Yoobin@4-minute.com
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