[News] Wonder Girls "I remember Kwangmin and Youngmin when they were kids"

Wonders Girls revealed their ties to rookie group Boyfriend.

On KBS2's radio program Jeon Hyun Moo's Music Square that aired November 18, Sunye and Sohee talked about the twins, Kwangmin and Youngmin, who are now members of Boyfriend. Sohee said "In a music broadcast yesterday, I saw Boyfriend's performance." She added,"I saw this twins and they looked familiar. Suddenly, I remember they were this 2 kids who were a trainee in our agency before."

Before debuting as members of Boyfriend, twins Youngmin and Kwangmin were trainees of JYPE. Sunye then added "I thought for the first time, I am really getting old. They were still kids, now they debuted and became tall and handsome boys!".

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls appeared on Mnet Countdown for their comeback on the 17th and ranked first at the same time.

Trans by: sukira@dkpopnews.net