[News] Tim to make comeback this week

Ballad singer Tim assured fans that he's fine after 3-car accident two days ago and announced his return on the music scene with the release of a brand new mini album this week.

In a press release on November 15th, Lune revealed, "Tim was returning from his musical performance on the 13th when he got into a 3-car accident on the Gyeongbu High Way on his way to Seoul. At the time, Tim had been in the car that his manager was driving. The car behind hit their car, and as a result, their car crashed into the car in front of them."

Tim did not suffer from any big injuries and revealed that he will able to go on with this comeback promotions. He will be releasing his new mini album "A Long Day". on November 17th. This is the first time Tim will be releasing an album after his last album "New Beginnings" last year.

His agency Lune also revealed that he will mark his return with a concert for the first time after six years. Tim will take the stage of Yonsei University's Centennial Hall this weekend, November 20th.

Source: 10asia, Star News
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net