[News] T-ara's Ji Yeon revealed her Ideal Type!

T-ara's Ji Yeon says Lee Chun Hee, a man who is already married, is her ideal type.
In the episode of MBC TV's Section TV Entertainment that will air on November 27, Ji Yeon mentions about the Wonder Girls who have recently been allowed to date in public and says, "We also want to start dating very soon."
As the interviewer asks, "Who is your ideal type?" to Ji Yeon, she picks Lee Chun Hee and says, "I already told this about five to six times on TV but have never gotten an answer from him. Please give me your answer."At this, So Yeon responds, "You will get hurt once he gives you an answer," trying to have her realize that he is a married man.
In the episode, T-ara tells the reason why they had to go through a hard time when they appeared on Golden Fishery-Radio Star, which was their first variety show to make a guest appearance and show their van for the first time to the public.
Watch the interview below.

Source: TV ReportTaken From : lovet-ara tumblr