[News] T-ara Soyeon warns the person harassing her

T-ara member Soyeon gave a warning to a person who has been haunting her on Twitter through groundless notes.

On November 15th, Soyeon expressed, "Dear delusional patient. I’m warning you for the first time. If you continue after this I will sue you. You are definitely not a fan."

Upon reading the message, fans began speculating that she was referring to a specific anti-fan which was harassing her on Twitter.

Soyeon continued, "The tweet I meant for a specific person wasn't because of a post made by an anti but rather, it is close to what you call a criminal offense. It was my first warning to someone who has been sexually harassing me constantly for a long period of time, sending me mentions that contained lies mixed in with delusion. I think I've let this slide up until now for a nearly a year because I though that it was just a personality issue."

Concerned fans responded, "You should sue him. How did you tolerate him for a year?", "I understand why she is so angry" and "It’s been a year? Cheer up Soyeon"

Meanwhile, T-ara will be making their comeback on Mnet's M! Countdown with their new single "Cry Cry" on November 17th.

Credits: diamdemtweets
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net