[News] Supreme Team's E-Sens admits smoking marijuana

Duo Supreme Team member E-sens has admitted smoking marijuana multiple times causing to temporarily halt all activities.

At a press conference on November 2nd, E-Sens revealed that he was caught smoking pot by the police. He also said the he smoked marijuana multiple times at his home earlier this year, receiving the drug from people around him. During the course of the investigation, E-Sens came clean and admitted that he did use the drug. However, he was tested positive in a drug test held from September to October. It has been decided that he will to suspend future activities indefinitely.

Amoeba Culture explained, "Supreme Team, including E-Sens, has always worked hard to promote healthy music with the right attitude to bring themselves closer to the public. As E-Sens’ management company, we deeply apologize for not taking care of our artists."

They added, "While E-Sense did smoke pot, he did not engage any other musicians or agency employees with him. Along with his friends, E-Sense will be sent to prosecutors in the coming days. This press conference was held to admit his misdeeds and to ask for public forgiveness. First, he will have to be penalized, but we will support him in the future when he returns."

Meanwhile, hip hop duo Supreme Team is comprised of E-Sens and Simon D. Since their debut in 2009, they released multiple hit tracks including "Super Magic" and "Then Then Then".

Source: Star News
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net