[NEWS] [Star Interview] Daeguknamah “Do you like Japan?”

The BOSS will leave Korea after 4 weeks of mature and painful activities. Their ballad song ‘Lady’ makes one’s body feel nervous.

The ones who waited for a year and four months and left (Korea) in four weeks. That’s The Boss, an idol group which consists of 5 members. Their second single, with the title track ‘Lady’ completed their short activities in a month.

On the 21st of November, we met The BOSS during their departure to Japan.
“The last interview in Korea”
“It was unfortunate that we didn’t do more activities in Korea” with a serious face at the end of the talk.
“Why are there people talking about our Japanese activities while there are many other groups?
Although we know it, it’s hard to explain the exact reason. But dear international fans, it’s true we grew a lot through our Japanese activities.” (Hyunmin)

It’d be true enough to say that The BOSS show the exact representation of Japanese activities. The experience of learning Japanese is different. I mean, we didn’t go to other cities besides the capital. The members have been lonely. This habit has created distrust among the members.

Mika said “I didn’t have time to talk with the members when in our debut times because I was busy practicing as debut come to approach us. Then we came to Japan. Out of nowhere, we turned out to be five persons that never got into a fight with each other. I have to accept small misunderstandings too. As a leader, I have to have a self-esteem. I cannot depend on my younger members.”

Hyunmin went to leader’s weak side. Hyunmin said “At that time, whether the position of leader or maknae, all were needless and both had the same difficult. One day, our manager called us and tried to listen to our hearts one by one, and during that time, all the feelings in our hearts have just like been removed.”
Now all the members say “We are just like magnets with different poles.”
Like encouragements, It was nice to talk about it.

When you go to the café, buy new ponsel or wherever you go, it doesn’t always belong to 5 boys.
Hairstyles, some trendy fashion and accessories are distributed to the 5 members. We share it.
Hyunmin “It’s like we do the same style in the group” he said with his eyes focused on the members.
The BOSS’ Japan activities have taught them how to enjoy the stage.’Lady’ is The BOSS’ first introduced ballad song.As a dance group, it was not easy to express our feelings with our eyes.

“My feet was freezing at first and it was difficult to come on stage” Injun said while he laughed.
Hyunmin said “All of us show different types of 5 voices”
“Rather than a quintet piano orchestra, we can show it~” he said.
By relying on our voices’ charms, we are able to appeal. Jay said “Neo eopshi andwae, jugeodo andwae~” this song part is the most interesting because there is a shacky part.
The BOSS’ excessive competitions can be found on their enjoying appearance.

When they’re having their activities in Korea, they feel “happy” when they’re watching “Superstar K 3″ on Mnet Channel.
Mika “So far, people who love music are good~”, he said
“During the audition through a music program, I’m thinking that we will be able to grew up more…”
The BOSS promised to comeback in next April with a more grown up image. “We learned a lot when we were in Japan, even more than our goal.”
“Though there are more viewers, more performances, the fans shout more loudly, we will make sure to give it all back, rather than an end, we will grow up, and this will be our effort” said Mika.


Source: Hankooki.com | StardustBoss

Translators: hyozaradarwin @ twitter & landrymandy @ twitter