[NEWS] Star Interview: The BOSS, "Do you like Japan Better?"

After a year and four months of waiting, they leave in just four weeks. This is the story of the five member group, The BOSS. 'The Boys of Super Space' finished their short one-month promotion of their second single with the title song 'Lady.'

We have met The BOSS before their departure to Japan on the 21st. They all gave a look of disappointment saying "This will be our last iterview in Korea." After saying "If you're so disappointed, why don't you lengthen your activities in Korea?' they gave said with all seriousness:

"There are many people asking us why our activities in Japan are longer. For us to explain is difficult. Our fans in our home country are special but having matured through our time in Japan is true." (Hyunmin)

The BOSS has said 'We have matured as much pain we've been through' as a way to decribe their Japanese activities. It was different but they all studied Japanese. They weren't able to communicate and couldn't go out. The members felt alone. A wall wall started to form and the members became closed-in.

"When we were in Korea, we were so caught up in our debut and all the practices that we didn't have time to just talk to one another. So we went to Japan. We had nowhere to turn to and ended up fighting with each other. Small words were said but taken sensitively so we had misuderstandings between eachother. As the leader, I only cared about myself and couldn't take care of the younger ones." (Mika)

After seeing how weak their leader was, Hyunmin stepped up. He said, "Then, we all went through the same amount of troubles. One day, our manager called and we were able to let everything out and that was when it felt like the wall subsided."

Now, the members have become close and have been able to talk to one another, and they said, "We're like magnetic poles with different sides." When they go to the cafe or go buy a new phone, they aren't able to be separated. It's to the point that hairstyles, accessories, and fashion are all shared between the members. Hyunmin said, "Where else could you find a group like us?" and the members all made eye contact with each other.

The BOSS has also learned to make the stage fun during their time in Japan. 'Lady' was The BOSS's introduction to a ballad. Being used to showing their emotions with their whole body as a dance group, it wasn't easy to do so with just their eyes.

Injun said with a laugh, "At first, it was hard because my whole body felt tingly." Hyunmin said, "The five of us all have a different color in our voice. I had enough confidence to show that we are like an orchestra instead of a piano." They found a way to show their charms through just their voices. Jay found his voice to be most charming when he sang "I can't live without you, not even if I die~."

It was revealed that The BOSS enjoyed the competition. The had fun watching Mnet's 'SuperStar K 3' and had a thought of happiness. Mika said, "I liked how there were so many people who sang the same kind of music we do. Through the audition program, I thought that these hidden talented people could be the developers of more music."

The BOSS has promised to come back in April next year more matured. They revealed their will to come back with everything they have learned in Japan, and more.

"Even thought there is too much to explain in numbers, we will come back after confirming a bigger audition, more frequent performances, and a louder croud of fans. I will do my best to make sure that we are a group with no end and that continues to develop more with no end." (Mika)

Source: Sports Hanguk
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