[News] A-Pink and Infinite Join ‘Birth of a Family’ — Live with Stray Dogs

A-Pink and Infinite joined KBS 2TV ‘Saturday Freedom Part 1- Birth of a Family’ and began to live with stray dogs.

KBS revealed the story behind this program on the 2nd through a KBS TV reorganization meeting at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, Gangnam. Jeon Jingook, the entertainment director, said “‘Birth of a Family’ is a show where we record the relationship between an animal and a person. There are 3 VCR’s in total as number 1 and 2 will show the happenings or emotions exchanged while Infinite and A-Pink personally raise the dogs. The third one is for Kim Byungman and Lee Hwijae to live with animals, that one normally doesn’t see such as a skunk, penguin, and a desert fox, for one day and complete missions.”

‘Birth of a Family’ is an animal relationship variety that will garner interest toward animal companions and will be enjoyable because you can watch stars take care of stray dogs at their dorms and see how they grow as a family.

Lee Hwijae and Kim Byungman will be doing a project where a new rare animal comes every week. The two people will be helping and competing with each other at times.

Also, you can watch how the hurt stray dogs recover their affection towards humans while being taken care of by Infinite and A-Pink at their dorms.

‘Birth of a Family’ will have its first airing on the 12th at 5:15 PM, right after ‘Secret’.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; joy news ; take out with full credits