[NEWS] Open World Family Concert in Japan

Open World Family Concert, a collaboration of Shinhwa's former member Junjin, idol groups The Boss and X-5, finished successfully in Japan on the 26th.

The Boss, the first stage performers singing their debut number "Admiring Boy", revealed their fluent Japanese skills saying "It's a pleasure to see our fellow entertainers here in Japan."

After a number of performances from The Boss including "Lady", "Calling You", "New Boyz" and "Stumble Stmbling", X-5 took the stage.

X-5 added on to the heat of the concert performing "Fantasy". The members also boasted their Japanese skills saying "It's a honour for us to perform in such fervid concert like this one, with The Boss and Junjin."

X-5 also performed two of their new songs which are to be released in December in their new album.

The last performer, Junjin, made the fans scream out louder. It was his first official stage since his army discharge last 14th.

Junjin jumped out on stage and performed a powerful dance number, "Hey-ya". He did not forget to tell his fans that Shinhwa plans to release an album together as soon as the rest of the members are discharged from the army.

Junjin concluded the concert by singing 3 ballad tracks and his first solo debut number, "Wa".

The two hours of Open World Family Concert was filled with great passion. Fans cheered for their idols until the last stage, a collaborated number of Shinhwa's "Brand New" and "Perfect Man" by Junjin and The Boss.

The concert, held for two times, were filled by countless videos including the opening video and bridge videos which made fans to feel like watching a movie. The entertainers, Junjin, The Boss and X-5 gave handshakes to every one of their fans after the concert.

Junjin will start his Asian Tour Fan Meeting starting December, and The Boss will release their fourth single in Japan. X-5 also plans to release a new album in December.

CREDITS: Segye news
TRANSLATED BY hongkyungju @ Astromafia