[News] One Way's Chance to produce album for MBLAQ and B1A4

One Way's Chance hyped the fans as he revealed that he will be working with groups MBLAQ and B1A4 to produce new album.

Earlier this week, he made the exciting announcement through Twitter. He wrote, "Producing a whole album for MBLAQ. Very excited". He continued, "Im excited to bring you guys the exciting news for mblaq. But i do want to make things in better understanding. I am working now as a part of producing team with a partner and it is called "이단 옆차기" (Cult Side Kick)^^ we are very excited with this new project. I did mention about the new producing team before didnt i? ^^ any ways thanks for all the interest. We will come strong with it."

On the 28th, Chance made another announcement that he will also be working for his juniors B1A4's upcoming album. He revealed, "From today on, I’m staying in the work studio for my B1A4 dongsaengs’ album. Sta~rt." This is not the first time that Chance will be working for the group, as he previously produced B1A4's follow up track "My Love".

Source: @onewaychance
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net