[News] T-ara's dream? Solo concert and launching an official fanclub

T-ara members revealed their wishes of launching an official fan club and holding a solo concert.

T-ara met with reporters for a short time for interviews on the set of their "Cry Cry" choreography/dance version music video shoot.

Soyeon revealed, "My dream is to have a solo concert. Actually, T-ara has enough songs to have a concert and we're ready. It's greedy, but it's still our dream." In addition, Eunjung revealed, "If we have a chance, I'd also like an opportunity to have a concert."

In addition to having a T-ara only concert, the T-ara members revealed their other dream. Launching an official fanclub as soon as possible. Hyomin said, "We hope to stabilize an official fanclub for our fans to cheer together."

"The truth is our fans have been wandering around. When T-ara isn't actively promoting, it seems that they go off to another place and then come back. One time, I discovered some of our fans near After School's practice room. I asked them what they were doing there and they got embarrassed and ran away," Hyomin revealed creating laughter with her episode.

T-ara will have their comeback on the 17th through Mnet's "M!Countdown".

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem