[News] Kim Junsu Supports Suwon Blue Wings Through Twitter

Kim Junsu, captain of FC MEN which is the affiliate entertainers soccer team of Suwon Samsung, showed off a unique affection for the club.

Kim Junsu left a supportive message on his Twitter: “Suwon Blue Wings Playoff will take place on November 20. As the captain of Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN, I wish for Blue Wings to take the K-league. Everyone please support them with me.”

Lee Kikwang of B2ST also wished for Suwon’s victory: “The round-6 playoff with Pusan that will take place in the Big Bird on the 20th! Every member of our FC MEN will support wholeheartedly as a member of the Suwon Blue Wings! Certain/Mandatory Win! Fighting!”

On the other hand Kim Junsu relayed to Suwon’s club ten soccer balls with his actual autographs. Suwon plans to gift them among the students who are in preparation for the national test who visit the stadium on November 20 during the playoff for the 6th round with Pusan I-Park.

Source: MK Sports

Translation Credit: JYJ3