[News] MCountdown will air in the US soon!

MCountdown will air in the US soon and it was confirmed by the 3 MCs.

The MCs of US MCountdown are......

Chocolat's Tia

U-Kiss Eli


U-Kiss Kevin

Eli wrote on his twitter "hi everyone me and  are MCs on US Mcountdown with Tia from Chocola!^^ everyone follow !^^"

Kevin tweeted "Hey everyone! Finally~ MCountdown will air in the US soon!  and I are the MCs ^o^ Make sure to follow "

and the female MC, Tia wrote on her Twitter "I just interviewed Son Ho Young with Mnet US Mcountdown! He was really cool and nice^^ Sunbaenim fighting!^^ Everyone~enjoy US Mcountdown!^^"

Good luck to them especially to Tia, this is her first time to MC a Music Show.

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