[News] Kim Tae Woo announces his upcoming marriage

Former G.O.D member Kim Tae Woo surprised fans with his unexpected announcement.

On November 15th, through his official fan cafe, Kim Tae Woo revealed a handwritten letter announcing his upcoming marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend and expecting for their first child soon.

He wrote, "I, Kim Tae Woo, am getting married. My family at my agency Soul Train, you will soon be saying hello to my first child."

Kim Tae Woo continued, "I am sure most of you are quite shocked by this unexpected announcement, but the woman I will be marrying is just an ordinary person. I kept it a secret from everyone until now because I wanted to respect her privacy and her life."

He then apologized for the sudden news and asked everyone for their support and prayers for his future family and child.

"I know that you will congratulate us more than anyone else. I promise to do my best, so that my fans will not be embarrassed to be fans of Kim Tae Woo", he continued.

However, Kim Tae Woo did not reveal any details about his wedding plans.

Source: Nate
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net