[News] Kara's Jiyoung takes Korean SAT successfully!

On November 10th, which is 2012 Korea Scholastic Ability Test, KARA's member Kang Jiyoung uploaded a picture on her twitter and wrote,

“I'm finally finished with the test. Thank you to all the fans and reporters who came to cheer for me! I took and shared this picture because it's interesting. Wow! I'm going to Australia finally!”

Jiyoung took her exam at Daewon Girls High School in Junggok, Seoul. She is dressed very casually, bare face, pink tee and jeans. She looks like a typical high school student.

Fans commented, "It's great to know you did well.", "What's your grade?","I hope you will enter the university you want."

Jiyoung came back to Korea on 9th to take the exam, she will be back in Australia to attend MBC TV's Kpop concert.

Source: TVReport
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net