[News] Kahi shares goofy pictures with Jooyeon and Nana

Kahi shares wacky pictures with fellow members Jooyeon and Nana and wrote a message full of gratitude for Pledis.

She wrote in her twitter,

"Our Pledis family who had worked hard today~~~!!! getting together like this,really makes me feel like a real family... people whose hearts are filled with passion and warmth even though they had jobs to do here and there ..^^ and our After School,pretty members who have worked hard~~~!! ke"

Upon seeing this, member JungAh expresses her disappointment for not being there in the picture. She tweeted,

"Im not thereㅜㅜing~~ i want to put my picture next to it hehehe you worked very hard~sleep well~~ yfrog.com/nxl1dijj." and posted a pouty picture of herself.

Translated by pledisAStrans@twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net