[News] Jessica Reveals Being Worried About a Stalker on Strong Heart!

Jessica reveals being threatened by a stalker outside the dorm.
Girls’ Generation member Jessica has revealed that she was once threatened by a stalker outside the dormitory. On tonight’s broadcast of “Strong Heart – 100th Episode Special”, she told of her intense encounter with a stalker while returning home.
“One day, as I was walking back home, there was a suspicious man standing outside our dormitory. He suddenly chased me and followed me into the building. I thought he was just someone who also lived in the building but whenever I walked faster, he would match me by walking faster too.”
Jessica revealed the story of how the situation could have become disastrous in her encounter with the stalker. Strong Heart will air November 1st at 11:15pm KST on SBS.

Source: Star News
Translated by: oniontaker@soshified.com
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