[News] Inkigayo PD, "MCs Goo Hara, Nicole and IU are preparing a stunning opening to the show"

SBS Inkigayo PD revealed that there is high anticipation for the new Inkigayo MCs, Goo Hara and Nicole from Kara, and IU.

He told Star News on Nov 15th, "From this week (Nov 20th)'s broadcast onwards, Goo Hara, Nicole and IU will be appointed as the new MCs" and "with the 3 girl group members as the MCs, they will be presenting a very different image." [Note: I don't know why he put IU under the category of girl group members but nvm.]

He also revealed some background on the selection of the MCs and expressed, "The three of them have a close relationship and good teamwork. In particular, IU already has experience working together with Nicole on SBS 'Heroes', so they will probably work well together."

Also, he stated, "The top female idols of our age have prepared a stunning opening show" and "the three of them are planning to present an adorable stage with a dance on top of that", thus raising expectations for the broadcast.

Inkigayo is broadcasted weekly at 3:45 PM KST

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Original article: Star News