[NEWS] G-Market "Stay G Season 2- Christmas with Superstar"

NOTE: There is still no news on whether GD will be performing in this or not. G-Dragon is still technically the face/ model for G-Market and we will be sure to update with any further news on this concert/event and if GD will attend.

(Though, I have a good feeling that if GD performs at the YG Family Concert at the beginning of the month, there is a good shot he will perform here. The advertisers are just trying to be smart and like YG not announcing if GD would participate or not, tried to not invite in hate by those that would still use GD's recent problems against him and to spread more hate. So let's not get to worried/worked up over this yet...Oh, and Daesung is back :) But again, this is just my opinion ~Kimmi a.k.a VIP4Daesung)

Source: G-Market via @TeamBigBang