[News] Flower Boy Ramyun Store Stars New F4

It's all about the flower-boy (pretty boy) effect!

Cable drama "Flower Boy Ramyun Store" has been dubbed the king of cable TV for the third straight week.

According to a TV viewership ratings company AGB Nielsen Media Research on November 16th, the Monday-Tuesday drama "Flower Boy Ramyun Store" has maintained an average rating of 2.628% for the past three weeks. The all time high was 3.22%.

It's been popular with the women in all age demographics, from their teens to their 50's. This just goes to show another instance of the "F-4 effect", originally seen through the drama "Boys Over Flower".

The "new" F4 group consists of actors Jung Il-woo, Lee Gi-woo, Park Min-woo, and Jo Yoon-woo.

Cr:KBS Global