[News] Eunhyuk ''Within Super Junior, I was chosen as the least good looking''

Group Super Junior Eunhyuk revealed that he was ranked as the last of the good looking scale within Super junior.

On the 31st, ‘Come to Play’ guested the stars who have succeeded in promoting in China such as actress Jang Seohee, singer Lee Junghyun and group Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk.

On this day, there was a corner where the stars would confess their worry.. Eunhyuk confessed that just like how there is good looking scale within Infinity Challenge, there is also one for Super Junior.

He said, “1st is Choi Siwon and Donghae and Heechul are in the first half. I was in the lower half and I was chosen as the last.”

To this, Donghae added, “We voted solely on looks. We didn’t look at charms or personality, but only looks.” And the MC’s couldn’t hold their laughter and said, “That’s more sad.”

Also Eunhyuk confessed with seriousness, “I always thought behind me there would be Shindong hyung, Yesung hyung and Ryeowook but even Shindong was in the middle. I even thought of borrowing the power of modern medicine like Shindong did.”

On this episode, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae drew attention by showing their 100,000,000 won worth trophy from their Chinese fans.

100,000,000 won is about 100,000 dollars.

Source: Starnews
Translated by: Jee ( www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com )
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