[News] Diva's first week last ranking @ Oricon charts

Yes, it's a lower position than Bang!'s, and the single debuted on its first day at #11.

Both singles (Bang! and Diva) were released in very tought weeks, compared to other rookies coming from Korea.

I've been following both situations closely, and I was amazed that AVEX placed them on the same weeks acts like EXILEAKB48 sub-groups, SKE48NMB48, and other non 48 projects top groups (even some new JE groups like Kis-My-Ft.2 or Sexy Zone). That was bad in a certain way, because they will never stand a chance to get into the top 5, or it won't be that easy (2PM managed it when Bang! was being released, but we all know they already had a huge fanbase expecting them and later, their single dropped faster than AS's); but it's been also good, because appearing on the top30 and on Oricon's featured articles on the same weeks such acts have been releasing, gives them some extra spotlight, and the chance to attract new types of audiences.

Also, yet, they managed to place a position above NMB48, who might be the most recent 48 group, but already have a strong fanbase a good charts results for their previous releases. Even if they released a week before AS, considering that their fellow SKE48 did it three weeks ago and yet they charted upper than them, is good news.

-Next weeks won't be easy either, since other top acts have releases prepared, specially there were scheduled JE groups like KAT-TUN, and acts like Koda Kumi (althought not sure about the dates, it'll be in the next weeks until December ends).

Is important to see how the single manages to not fall off the top 30. Sometimes, is better to chart at a place like 16 or 20, and then keep the single between 10 and 30 for weeks, than charting on the top 5 and fall after a couple of weeks out of the ranking.

-Bang! Managed to re-enter just two weeks ago, althought it fell the day after... but that means their first single is still selling, and able to re-enter the charts after that long.

-The promotions ain't bad at all, but yet, there are no top Music shows scheduled for them, appart of Hey Hey Hey! Music Champ... and considering AVEX got others into Music Station, it's a little bit disapointing they're not going there yet. 

I must say that if the members kept improving their Japanese skills, Kahi appart, that would be really helpful. Is doing loads for Rainbow, and it was one of the keys to KARA's success. I know there are others who got success without it, but yet, I do believe AS should really polish that part.

-The Winter/Christmas promotion at 109, has been one of the best moves. Since it's the place for Gyarus to go, and Gyarus do help acts to gain success and become icons for eternity (if not, look at Ayumi, Koda Kumi or Namie...), music tastes appart.

-The next single will be one of the most important steps to take for the Japanese career. 

BoY was already awarded in Japan, if they mess up with the new version, they might drop some popularity (but I do trust AVEX and Pledis will do a good job with it), but also, the first original Japanese track, Rambling Girls, really needs to be an ACE song, and honestly better than their previous 2 b-sides, which weren't bad at all, but weren't single material either.

Source: Oricon