[News] "Dimple Couple" Teuk-Sora are sweet couple off cam

WGM's "Dimple Couple" Leeteuk-Sora proves they care each other even off cam.
On November 26, Leeteuk tweeted about their overseas schedules flying from one country to another.

Kang Sora who reads the tweet replied him by saying, "That would be tough to you...ㅜㅜ Hwaiting! Aja!~^^

Seemed like Leeteuk didn't expect such encouraging words from his "virtual wife" He replied,
"You told me you will go to Singapore toot??^^ I guess I'll be there on the same day..ㅠㅠ Let's greet each other when we met!! We will follow each other, you stay with me or I'll get mad if you leave ㅋㅋㅋ😱😲"

Fans who follow their marrage life in WGM commented, "They are so romantic even off screen.","They looks good together,","I hope they will go for a day in Singapore!" and so on.

Source: Leeteuk&Sora's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net