[News] Cube Entertainment to release "United Cube" album in Australia

Cube Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing "United Cube" special album. The album will be released in Australia and will be sold in various record stores in six major cities starting November 11th.

The album will contain a compilation of 17 tracks from Cube Entertainment's artists including 4minute, B2ST and G.NA. It will also include the Cube family song "Fly So High".

Universal Music Australia official stated, "Kpop has spread beyond Asian community and rapidly spreading among Australian residents. With this strategic partnership between Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, we were able to provide the album of charismatic Cube artists for the first time in Korean-Australian music business history."

Cube Entertainment plans to release the special album in Europe and South America as well.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment will be kicking off their "United Cube in London" concert on December 5th at O2 Brixton Academy and "United Cube in Brazil" on December 13th at Espaco das Americas, Sao Paolo.

Source: 10asia
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net