[NEWS] CNBLUE-FTIsland to Enter the ‘homeland of bands’, United Kingdom, Next Year

CNBLUE and FTIsland to enter the ‘homeland of bands’, United Kingdom.

CNBLUE and FTIsland are currently preparing for their concert in the United Kingdom and France early next year. United Kingdom is the place of origin of many outstanding bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Pulp Fiction, Muse and more. As the current K-Pop craze is focused on dance music, therefore it is very meaningful for bands such as CNBLUE, FTIsland and more to be entering the European market.

This activity will be carried out through CJ E&M’s “M!Countdown live (M-Live)” brand concert. CJ E&M’s “M-Live” is a brand concert, which represents an organization of local musicians who hold solo or joint concerts overseas, and they will actively introduce K-Pop singers to perform overseas from now on.

Han Sung Ho, CEO of FNC, management company of CNBLUE and FTIsland, said confidently, “Honestly, we feel a bit pressurized but yet, looking forward to enter the homeland of bands. From the perspectives of seniors whom have been involved in the music industry for a long time, our bands’ music is not in any way inferior to the world-class standard.”.

Source: StarToday
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