[NEWS] Calvin of Fahrenheit jokingly reveals to The Boss that he skipped high school classes in order to play pool

Arriving in Taiwan on the 23rd of October for their first fan meeting「 The BOSS」, despite not having any entertainment agent sponsors in Taiwan, have managed to attract many die-hard-fans and were surrounded by fans everywhere they went. Once getting off the plane, the first on their schedule was to attend the MTV 「Japanese and Korean Music Craze」show, where they spoke lively with the host (Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit), praising that 「Fahrenheit is really popular 」!

The BOSS who held their first Taiwan Fan-Meeting at the Taipei National University Recreation Center marking the beginning of their 4 days promotion trip in October expressed their deep admiration to 「Fahrenheit」. During the past year since their debut, The BOSS has released three singles in Japan successfully and during this time where they have been promoting actively the members have expressed that, no matter if it is in Korea or Japan, they can feel the power of Fahrenheit which is why they insisted on attending MTV 「Japanese and Korean Music Craze」 to meet Calvin Chen.

Apart from making each member show an individual skill of their own, Calvin also offered the boys a game of pool. In the end, the members of The BOSS lost to Calvin who jokingly said, 「 I skipped classes in my high school to play pool!」 The members of The BOSS immediately shouted in not too fluent Chinese saying 「 Despicable! Despicable! 」 causing laughter to rise from everyone around.

Calvin Chen has hosted MTV 「Japanese and Korean Music Craze」 for over a year and has met and interviewed countless Japanese and Korean artists alike, each time perfecting his skills as a host even more. He even jokingly declared himself as 「MTV Big Brother」 while adding it is 「Because I am the only male host !」 To watch The BOSS who will receive the 「Frog Jumping」 punishment for losing the game of pool and to see who will be the lucky one to be able to taste the delicious Taiwan Chicken Stick, please stay tuned to MTV 「Japanese and Korean Music Craze」 on the 22nd and 23rd of November at 7pm!

Source: MTV Taiwan
Translation: Lizzie03@AstroMAFIA.com
Edited by: Chocolet@AstroMAFIA.com