[News] Boyfriend Youngmin & Kwangmin's poster "dream-like pretty boys"

Boyfriend, Youngmin & Kwangmin's poster "dream-like pretty boys"

The twins, Youngmin & Kwangmin from the group, Boyfriend, revealed a poster of the two of them on the 2nd and it became a hot topic.

Boyfriend's Youngmin & Kwangmin, who has the nickname of "Kim Hyunjoon's twins", showed off a very youthful and mysterious dream-like feel in the poster from the fashion magazine, 's shoot.

After seeing the posters, the netizens all had reactions like, "I can't look away from Boyfriend's charms", "Because it's the twins, it appears to be even more mysterious", "It's just like in a manga, appearances that exceed reality".

On the other hand, Boyfriend's new song, is ranking high on various music charts, even while various exceptional sunbaenims are having their promotions as well.


Credit: MINi_BF95line @ weibo
TRANSLATIONS: nalgae. @ B-Nations