[NEWS] The BOSS overtakes Girls’ Generation with their Korean single 'Lady' (via @stardustboss )

The second single of The BOSS reached the 2nd place of the Korean sales in Japan, showing their real abilities.

Their second single “Lady” overtook Girls’ Generation’s sales online in the Korean charts in Japan, taking the second place.

The BOSS stopped their Korean activities for almost one year, recently concentrating on the Japanese promotions. Their 3rd Japanese single, “Love Parade”, reached a good position on the Kon Weekly Chart, and did even better with their Korean single in Korea, proving that they are Hallyu stars not only in the name but also for their abilities.

Their Japanese staff proudly said “We are fascinated with the single’s position on the chart, as it’s their first album launched after their Japanese promotions, and now we have a lot of expectations for their future works. We believe that these good results come from the success of the Japanese promotions during this year”.

The BOSS announced the single “Love Power” in Japan in April as their official debut. After that, they started the Love series, including “Love Bingo!” and “Love Parade”, gaining popularity as “Creamy Kei Idols”. Their Japanese debut took the 6th place on the Kon charts, and during the last month they had mini-performances in Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka, which gathered a total of 30,000 fans.

In their second single album “Lady”, The BOSS tries for the first time to use a ballad as their title song. They show us a perfect performance with a fantastic harmony during their comeback on SBS Inkigayo on October 30th, and were exalted with compliments by the netizens. Additionally, the “tiger like” voice of the member Hyunmin was a commented subject and received a lot of interest.


Source: Zaikei.jp

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