[NEWS] 'Adieu' The Boss, Lyrics Mistake in Music Bank, "We wanted to do our best!"

The Boss is now ending their short in-korea activities.

The Boss will have their goodbye stage in Inkigayo,SBS, on 20th November. Their first ballad song,'Lady', was released on 26th October, and was loved by fans because of their great singing.
But the fans are pretty upset because of their short period of activities in Korea, which only lasted
for 4 weeks. Especially member Mika, made his first lyrics mistake. The lyrics was "I won't lie", but he sang "I won't" only.

He said to Sports Joseon that he was more nervous as it was their last performance in Music Bank with the song Lady. He wanted to do his best and show best of him
as they don't know when will they comeback again. However, this nervousness of him led to a mistake.

Injun said "I'm thankful to our fans who waited for us for a long time. We're pretty upset too because Lady was our first ballad song. But, we'll be back as a more skilled singer".Hyun Min also
said "We will be doing our planned Japanese activities well, and come back more matured. So that our fans will be more excited, we will come back in a perfectly different The Boss that no one has
expected. Karam also said that "We will try our best to be perfect The Boss"

After their goodbye stage in inkigayo, The Boss will host a fan meeting for the fans who waited them for 1 year and 6 monthes. They will leave for Japan on 23rd and start promoting their new album

Source: Sports Joseon
Translation: Hee Sang@AstroMAFIA


The BOSS is now ending their short activities in their home country.

The BOSS has ended their Lady promotions and activities on the 20th on SBS's Inkigayo. They have received lots of love and approval of their new approach with a ballad title song which was reveiled on the 26th of October. But because of their short promotions of 4 weeks in their home country, both fans and the members are disappointed. Especially Mika who made his first mistake since his debut in lyrics on KBS's Music Bank on the 18th. In the part 'I won't lie,' he forgot the 'lie' part and just sang 'I won't.'

He told us, "I was really nervous since it was our last stage. In hope to show more, I made a mistake. But even so, I'll make sure not to make a mistake on our last stage on Inkigayo and show a better side of me."

Injun said, "Thank you to all the fans who have waited for us for so long. Since this is our first attempt at a ballad as out title song, the members are all very disappointed. But we will return to show an even better side of us." Hyunmin said, "After we finish our activities in Japan, we'll come back more matured. We'll come back with a totally different side of us that no one could have predicted to the point people ask 'what kind of concept will they come back with?' I'll give it my all. Please look forward to it." Karam said, "We will surely return after sharpening the knife."

After their Inkigayo stage, The BOSS will be holding a fan signin event for the fans who've been waiting for a year and 6 months. Afterwards, they will be leaving for Japan to promote their new album.

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Source: Sports Chosun