[News] 4000 People Scream Over Tohoshinki Changmin's Kiss Scene

The commemorative event for the DVD release of popular Hallyu group Tohoshinki member Changmin's first drama [Paradise Farm] was held on 17 November in Kanagawa, Pacifico Yokohama. Around 4,000 fans gathered to participate in the premium event. The drama's heroine, Lee Yeonhee, also attended and talked about episodes that occurred while filming the drama and also sang the drama OST song [Confession] in Korean, in front of their Japanese fans for the very first time.

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The hall was filled with the high-pitched voices of the female fans as they cheered for Changmin. The scene in the drama that left the most impact was when, as opposed to his ex-wife Daji, he had his first kiss scene with his new lover Jinyoung. When the long kiss scene came on the screen, screams arose from the audience and Changmin grinned broadly as he said, "Actually, it was even longer than this." He caused the female fans to sigh over this significant statement, "Although there were many memorable scenes together with Daji, as expected, this scene still stood out more. Excluding my private life (laughs), this was the longest kiss scene yet in my working experience."

On the other hand Yeonhee, out of all the scenes the two had together chose the one where she quarreled with Dongju at a concert venue which included a kick and the line "Isn't this a boob fetish!" included. "Though I was bewildered (when I read my lines), I think it also portrayed my original personality," she made a confession about her surprising personality. In response to Changmin's "It really hurt a lot", the moderator retorted, "So in reality, do you have a boob fetish?" and Changmin induced laughs from the audience as he feigned ignorance with, "That's a hard question to answer."

To sum up the event, he sang the song [Confession] which had self-written lyrics. "I wrote the lyrics with the thought that even though I've separated from the person I loved, I still want to meet her again to confess my love to her once more," he said as he revealed his thoughts. [Confession] was based on his own experiences as "although it was influenced by movies and such, I wrote the lyrics while thinking of my own experiences". He playfully said, "In order to write good lyrics, I have to fall in love more", causing the venue to drown in cheers.

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