[Me2Day] Dara shares her huge birthday card!

Dara is really appreciative of the gifts she received from her fans. Not only from fans, also a huge birthday card which is filled with birthday wishes from the staff and members as well.


Wassup?!? The members and staff’s heart-warming birthday card that they put up together! This year, I received one again, without fail! ^_^ Every year, during our birthdays, we write on this big card! Kya~! I’m crying because of all the cute members and staff~! Specially at this time, I really am touched whenever I get a hand-written card! Our 2NE1 team is the best! I love you! +.+

Tags: Hoping that we can do this for a long, long time together still!


와쌉?!? 멤바들과 스탭들이 마음을 담아 써준 생일카드! 올해도 어김없이 받았어요!^_^우린 매년생일때마다 이런 왕카드를 쓰거든요! 캬~! 정말 울 멤바들이랑 스탭분들 귀요미~!요즘처럼 손편지 잘쓰는 시대에 이런카드는 정말 감동이에요!울 투애니원 팀 최고!알라븅!+.+

Tags: 오래오래 함께해요!

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara