[me2day] Dara on "YG Family Concert" rehearsal

YG Entertainment will kick off their annual large-scale "YG Family Concert" this coming December. This year's concert will be much phenomenal and spectacular as YG is celebrating its 15th year anniversary.

With the concert just around the corner, all YG artists including 2NE1 are all gearing up for the huge concert. On November 25th, 2NE1 member Sandara uploaded a proof-shot photo on her me2day account. She wrote:

Arrived in Korea!!! We came to the YG Family Concert Band practice~!^0^ Today, even past singers~ a day where everyone gathered! All the seniors are coming one at a time! +.+ Dugudugu..kongdagkongdag!!! Kukukuk.. Ah, today’s fashion for the freezing cold is the mask fashion~ CL and Dara’s 2person-2colour hard-hitting fashion! How is it?! ke

TAG: This photo’s point! The cute eyes of Chaerin that you can only see in the dorms! +.+ Ppyok!!!

2011 YG Family Concert will take place at Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park on December 3rd and 4th. All YG artists including Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang, Psy, Tablo and 2NE1 will be performing at the event.

Source: Dara's me2day
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net