[MAGAZINE] Taiwan - TRENDY Magazine "Date with TEEN TOP"

TRENDY: "TEEN TOP's debute-song Clap! make impressive for everyone and some fans called TEEN TOP "Clap Boy". But this title song No More Perfume On You is with a different style, please introduction these two songs?"
L.Joe: "Clap! is a song which with heavy-laden,not only the music style but also the dance action also with heavy feeling. But is light and with sunshine feeling! We try-hard to stand out the different music style between them.Please listen these two songs,and hope you will love them."

TRENDY: "Except these two songs,have any member a recommendation song for Taiwan fans?"
ChunJi: "Everybody must listen Brushing please,is a ballad song with good lyrics,and you must love this song before listening!"
Ricky: "I have a recommendation for you,it's Beautiful Girl,a really sweetly song,and you will feel sweet before listening this song again and again,fans may really love this."

TRENDY: "In the MV of No More Perfume On You, you worked together with Park SiYeon,is there anything memorable or interesting?"
Ricky: "Because ChunJi Hyung was so shy and became awkward with SiYeon Nuna, it's very not easy to finish the shooting,haha~"

TRENDY: "What's the ideal Nuna looks like in TEEN TOP's members mind?"
ChunJi just shy and beat the answer "Sexy,cute,mature,understanding..."
L.Joe said "Because I haven't got a sister,I hope I can have a sister like mother."
Listen to L.Joe's answer, Ricky almost fell over and shook his head "So it's better to have a mother!"
Everybody laugh. Niel helps L.Joe immediately, "Not looks like mother, LJoe means the Nuna who is soft and can take good care of people."

TRENDY: "You need tacit cooperation on the stage, have TEEN TOP got any exercise to training tacit? Have any way to training tacit between members?"
ChangJo: "We haven't got any special way to training tacit,but we spend a lot of time to practice,especially dancing practice.In order to have the best performance on the stage,we almost practice every action again and again, match up the steps and so on.So maybe we have trained tacit during the practice."

TRENDY: "TEEN TOP's fans are growing more and more.If you have a chance to date with fans in Korean,where will you go?And what will you do?"
L.Joe: "There are lots of beautiful places in Kangwon-do,I will take my fans go there."
Ricky: "I will go to the swimming pool near Han River with my fans, if you hungry we can eat the delicious instant noodle together,finally ride the bicycle beside Han River."
Niel: "Host a special concert for fans!"
C.A.P: "Take fans to the water park,swimming during the day,and host a open-air concert of TEEN TOP during the night."
ChangJo: "Go to the place that have mountain and water,and camping."
ChunJi: "Em...swimming by the seaside,and then host a concert by the seaside."

TRENDY: "In the situation of intense competition in Korean music circles,members think what's the biggest characteristic of TEEN TOP?What's the competitiveness of the most confident?"
ChunJi: "Our biggest characteristic maybe is our age,because we're younger than the other group,we have a larger development space.Em...anything else..."
Niel: "Our song and dance also very toxic,and very memorable.We don't set a limit for ourselves,take a new challenge every time,growing more every time,and give a different face for everyone to see,this is the most confident of TEEN TOP."

TRENDY: "What kind of group will TEEN TOP hope to be in everyone's mind?"
TEEN TOP: "We hope we can like Shinhwa,suppoet each other and become an organic whole.So we hope everyone can remember TEEN TOP's name."
Voting between TEEN TOP

Most to act aegyo:
"All members choose Ricky.Although he is not the Maknae in the group,but he looks like the Maknae.He always heat the atmosphere by aegyo,and he is the mood maker of TEEN TOP"

Most willing stay in bad:
"Niel and C.A.P.They are not stay in bed,because their alarm clocks wake everybody up,but they two totally didn't hear the sound of the alarm clock."

Appetite is the biggest:
"All members choose Ricky. Ricky said he is the most thin and small in TEEN TOP,but because he is in the growth so he want to eat more."

Mirror King:
"Everybody like looking into a mirror,but L.Joe recognzied he is more love to look into the mirror,and is the Mirror King of 6 members,even the reflective of the key."
Love message from TEEN TOP

L.Joe: "Taiwan fans~We will work hard toward the direction of meeting you,please wait us!"
Niel:"Please wait our fans meeting and sign meeting in Taiwan...we will host the meeting that can meet fans."
Ricky: "If there are many people come,we also will sign for everybody."
ChunJi: "We wil fighting~Hurry up to go to Taiwan to see you!Please stand by us before the meeting!!"
ChangJo: "Taiwan fans~ I have heared your call that we coming soon! We will go to Taiwan to meet you immediately."
C.A.P: "I really hope to meet Taiwan fans,we will work hard,TEEN TOP fighting!"

Translation by Viyan@6teensontop --- http://teentop1st.com/