[INFO] Cancellation of CNBlue's "Blue Storm" in Indonesia

This is FNC MUSIC.

2011 CNBLUE Asia tour concert [BLUE STORM] in Indonesia that has been planned to be held at 26th November has been canceled.

This is due to our lack of trust with the Indonesian promotor of the event, and we couldnt continue the contract.

we tried to make requirement about the promotions and the concert, but they never replied to our requests so we decided to cancel the event

Eventhough we tried our hardest to stop the event from being cancelled with our fans that has been waiting for the concert in mind, we are very sorry to give a disappointment to the fans with this kind of result.

We are very sorry to those fans who has been waiting for the concert, and We promise to proceed the concert again when all of the problems with the promotor have been solved concerning this concert

Once again, we're sorry that we need to cancel the concert.

Thank you.
Translated by imaayu@dkpopnews.net
Source: cnblue.co.kr